2 weeks B1 Travel before L1A Filing

Hi Saurabh Sir,

Have gone through quite a few queries on the site.

I may be repeating the query but a clear response will help me please.

I have to Travel for Two weeks on B1/B2. This was planned well in advance for certain meetings.

I am also expected to file the L1A Ind. once am back from US.

Will this Two weeks of USA travel on B1 have any bearing on the L1A Ind. whenever its filed once i return to India(may take atleast 2 to 4 weeks to file am told by my visa team).

Please suggest. If my query is not clear please let me know and i can reframe my query to you.

Thanks for your help and suggestion with this.



First, no SIR please.

As long as you have valid reason to travel on B-1/2, it should not impact your L-1 stamping. Usually the negative impact is when you stay close to 5-6 months on B-1/2.

Thanks so much Saurabh.
Will definitely take care of your First :slight_smile:

Yeah, its for 2 weeks plus minus 3-4 days… it will be like for certain meetings and technical discussions…thats it…

Should be fine then. If asked just tell them about the purpose of visit and keep the necessary documents to show the trip details.

Hi Saurabh,

Have received rfe five in total so far. of these five three are marked with ASteriks saying the ones marked with asterisk are Essentials. one of these marked ones is to confirm the information in the Org chart and my reportees that was shared with them describing their background. Of my three direct reportees , Leads, one has changed his project to a different customer within the organization.
Should i tell clearly hence that One direct reportee of mine has left the project? They might again ask me then WHO has joined in his place now and such things. Should i still tell them clearly and if any document chnges are required will they do? OR Such things SHOULD not happen? obviously its possible that people may come and go.
Just wonder why did they ask this question basically? If you can please suggest and guide.
Thanks Saurabh.