2 visa appointments allowed in ustraveldocs? H1B and B1?

Hello friends, is it allowed to have 2 visa appointments - one for B1/B2 and another for H1B - in the ustraveldocs website? I want to reserve my slot so that when the consulates open, I don’t have to wait a long time. If B1/B2 is denied, I can then try for H1B.

I am currently stuck in India as my H1B stamp has expired.

Thank you.

You may try to do that, but you may be really not sending a clear message to consular officer.
One is a travel visa for short term meetings and other is a dual intent work visa…
If you have an open slot, they may ask the reason and you need to justify that.
Ideally, it is better to have one at any point of time as there can be confusions to Visa officers as they will be seeing all your DS-160s and appointments info.

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