2 h1b applications

Hey Guys,

I have the following scenario -

Companies A, B had filed h1b petitions for me. Both have been selected in lottery. Recently got news that company A’s case was approved. But i want to join B, so eagerly waiting for their case result.

What further things can i do going forward?..

i can’t reject A’s offer till i get B’s result. Would i have to pay money to A, or should i go ahead with A’s stamping when they call me. Will it affect B’s eventual outcome?

@Saurabh- if you can provide some mail id, may be i can directly address some other questions to you.


You are not required to compensate A for the money they have spent on your H-1 petition.

You can reject A’s offer but then you run the risk of ending up in scenario where B’s petition is denied and A’s is withdrawn.

Is A asking you to join them ASAP?

Share your email address here, and I will contact you [I will remove your email once I have contacted you outside the forum]

Sent you an email for further discussion.

Hi Saurabh
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Hi Saurabh,
I had sent you a detailed mail (redbus01@gmail.com), did you get a chance to read? Need some suggestions.