2 h1 petitions got picked in lottery.

For my friend , her two h1 petitions got picked.

Employer A petition got picked in 20/Apr/2016 and under process for last 1 month or so.

Now Employer B petition got picked in 20/May/2016 and is under process.

Could some one please help to answer below queries.

  1. a)Now does she needs to withdraw Employee A petition, before Employee B petition ,gets approved? b) or is it better to wait till employer B petition gets approved? Mean while before B’s petition, A’S petition might approve,since it picked 1 month earlier and is under process. Do we have option to know if there were no queries before it is going to approve?

  2. Is it would be conflict when approving both the petitions for the same candidate?

  3. If both got approved, so can I choose to go to stamping interview with any one? or is it better to wait till both got approved and then withdraw the other one (A) and after withdraw is successful them we can go for stamping interview with B?

  1. She is not required to withdraw one. Beside only the employer can withdraw the petition and not her. She can let both process and see which one gets approved. You don’t want to withdraw one and then see other one getting denied for some reason.

  2. No conflict. USCIS may issue RFE if they have doubts that A and B are same or related.

  3. Yes, she can go for stamping through the better employer and the one she plans to work for in US.

what happened to your case. how did you handled it and if possible can you explain please.
I’m also in the same position now. I need right path to handle it.
Thank You In advance.