2 Fulltime with 2 diff H1B Visa


I have H1B with my current company & the company is closing down. But the last date is only after 2 months as per the California rule(WARN) i.e they will be running my payroll for the next 2 months.

I got a job from another company and they are ready to transfer my H1B. So if I transfer my H1B to the new company, can I work for new company 'B" , get paid and also avail the payroll during the WARN period , severance benefits from Company ‘A’?

Kindly let me know.



As you will have valid H-1 petition from both employers, it will be ok to get paid through both of them. Is A willing to continue to pay you for those 2 months even after you have joined B?

You can check w/ B's attorney as well.