1st masters in US and applying again for 2nd masters to US

I had completed my MBA in US (2006-2008)…got my OPT card but left US in the first month of OPT starting(didnt work). Started my own business(automobile dealership) in india and been running if successfully for the last 2 years with an yearly turnover of 5Cr. Its been almost 5 years and now im planning to go for MIS. I have discussed with my university regarding the admission and they have accepted my proposal. I have been checking the VI in many online forums but couldnt find a similar case as mine. The main question i think i may expect is that of the relation between MBA degree - my business - MIS degree. What possible questions do i may encounter from VO?

Hi Sudheer,

Your application will be successful because I see a full and credible story behind your application. The initial MBA allowed you to start your own company but because you felt the need for more technical expertise, an MIS is now the best option. Take all parts of your career pursuits as pieces of evidence to Consulate including details of the Indian company you founded. You will do just fine.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu


You build good business, thats great to hear. Not sure, if Visa officer would ask anything. But here are some of the thoughts that you need to be prepared

  1. Why MIS ? What is the relationship for automobile business with MIS ?

  2. Why NOT a special course in automobile or entrpreneurship as you own a business ?

Personally, I am also wondering, why are you choosing MIS over other MS in Automobiles or MBA with entrpreneurship ?

You can expect standard questions on school, etc.

Thank you Sankar for the reply. I haven’t started the application yet but wanting to know how this situation goes. May be some inputs by people like you will help me plan better. Thanks once again.

Thank you Kumar for the questions you have put. I didn’t even thought of a question regarding the MBA with entrepreneurship as i felt that an MBA is good enough for my line of business. As with the MIS, may be technical expertise will help us as everything is being automated in our business(agricultural based). Anyway thank you once again for the valuable inputs and will definitely workout on the MIS business relation.