17 month OPT extension expires and want to take new admission

Hi all,
My 17- month OPT extension is expiring on December 5th,2012.I couldn’t file my H1 this year so I want to take admission in another master program(I already done Master in Mechanical engineering),my question is,

  1. when should I take admission, in spring 2013 or fall 2012?

  2. Can I travel to India after my admission?

  3. Is this thing affect when I file my H1 B next year(2013) ?
    thank you in advance…

  1. You need to start the course while you are still in valid F-1 status. So if spring 2013 makes it too late, then go for it else go for Fall 2012.

  2. Check w/ DSO if you need to get F-1 visa stamped for the new I-20

  3. No