10th drop-out, then I clear all my exam on its first attempt. is drop-out may make deny the case?

I have 1 year gap in my education history. Is this may make my petition deny. How much % chances for approval & deny?
Thanks in anticipation


1 year gap in education history would not cause H-1B denial.As long as you can show that you are qualified for H-1 in general and that position in particular, you should be fine.

And by qualified, I mean you have at least 16 years of education or at least 3 years of relevant work experience for each missing year of education.

Many Thanks!.
Yes Saurabh, I have a complete 16 years of edu. (Schoolings & B.Tech IT) and 5.6yrs of exp. and the same relevant doc has been shared to my employer.
But again, in exp. too I has gap in exp. too like 1st one and half yrs(2k8-2k10) & 4mnths at middle (sept. 13 - Jan 14)
Can pls advice about above exp. gap?

That is ok. Gap in work experience doesn’t impact the outcome.

Thank you, so much for the above clarification. Gud day