10+3 educational qualification is eligible to apply H1B work visa

Hi All,


I am Sree from India. I would like to know am I eligible to USA H1B visa or not? 


My Educational Qualifications:


1. SSC (10th class) -  state board

2. 3 yr polytechnic diploma in ECE - state technical board

3. 7.4 yrs of IT experience in india companies



1. Sun certified java certification

2. Sun certification web component developer


Please let me know based on the above qualifications, am I eligible to apply H1B visa. Please give your comments and your response will really helps me a lot.



You must have ONE of the following

1) A Bachelor's degree or Masters Degree (or the foreign equivalent degree from your Country), OR

2) 12 years work experience, OR

3) A mix of further education + work experience

The general H1B visa qualification rule is: 
- for every 1 year of studies at University / College = 3 points
- for every 1 year of work experience = 1 point

12 points in 'total' are required to qualify for the H1B visa program. hope this helps.

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