1 year MS course in USA after Marriage and kids


I am 29 and I have 6 years experience in VLSI (circuit design) in India. After evaluating my career, I realized that I am not enjoying circuit design any more. The field requires lot of knowledge about circuits and I am not able to understand them. I feel that I may not be able settle in this career in long term. I got married last year and I have a kid now. I want to write GRE and do a 1 year MS course in the US in analytics. Now that I have a wife and kid, how tough it is to prepare for GRE and go abroad to study? First of all, is it possible to do the current job, prepare for GRE and give time to family all at the same time? Please share your thoughts, thanks.

I have seen many people do that do do not worry! Go ahead

It is never too late to go to school. I have had many of my friends in age of 40 to 50 going to Grad school. They all had kids and big families to take care…It is just about managing your time and taking time out for education. It can be hard in the beginning to juggle things, but you get good at it after some time.

It is not difficult, just spending time everyday for GRE with some discipline, probably when your kid is sleeping…You may need to compromise on some afternoon sleep :slight_smile: It can be done, Good Luck !