1 Year MBA at Drexel or 2 Year MS in at George Washington University

Hi I am from India and having 6.5 years of Experience in Computers, I have already done Masters in Computers in India , Now opted to study in USA so applied to several MBA and MS courses I need to decide between Drexel(Lebow School of Business) 1 Year MBA or 2 Year new course at George Washington University DC,

I am feeling difficulty in taking decision , though I have said Yes to George Washington but still wanted to know more opinions from different people


–GWU is better name compared to Drexeland MS in cyber security looks good for future ,


– Not sure about Job opportunities for International student like me in Cyber Security

– Rigorous course as If I will get two B- might get kicked out of course.

–The MS willcost me more as it is two year course (But the cost Difference of $17000 + 1 more year without earning )

Pros Drexel MBA

– I want to have career change so MBA is Better option

– Cost is less compared to MS ,as MS is 2 Year course

– Got 12800 scholarship so some relief

– In 1 year will get the degree so I can use my OPT to earn early

– Have heard lot about Drexel C-Suite Program which provides Internships at some of the best organizations in the world.

– If Economy will get better for MBA there can be great future .

Cons Drexel

– Drexel MBA is not considered to be top

– The Job chances after MBA I am not sure of ,

– As I have no business managment experience might lag behind compared to other MBA student as my 6.5 Years of experience is more of a software Engineer cum Team leader in India.

– As it is 1 Year MBA and heard that Drexel is all about fast paced learning as my background is non in business and this will be my first trip to USA so feeling , time might go in setteling down there

Depends on what path you wanna take buddy!

Are you seeing yourself as a matured enough to manage a team right now or will gave that in an ear with an MBA?

or wanna be a techie!

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As lionking said, it really depends on what you want to do with your career. Just choosing something for short term wins is not the best idea.

You have identied the pros and cons well. Just listen to your heart and pick the same. If you are playing to hedge the risk and take MBA at a mediocre school, you will end up adding no value.

If you would like to do MBA, I would recommend doing at a good school, of course, it will be expensive, but you will have better opportunties after MBA…