Would H1b Transfer change the validity of Visa

I’ve a valid H1b from Oct,2013 to Oct,2015 but now I am changing my employer and currently working on a project with multiple layers Employer ->Vendor ->Client.If I change my employer with a Client letter from the current project for duration of one yr ( extendable) is there a possibility that I may get approval for only one year and my H1b validity may be shortened to Oct 2014 or One year from now…I am trying to understand the impact of Transfer with a client letter of one year on my H1b validity of 3 years as well as on I-94 which is also currently valid for 3 years.Thanks!!!

Yes, it is possible that the new H-1 will be of a shorter duration based on submitted documents. Still, extensions can be applied in future until you have completed 6 years of H-1 inside US.