Would a facial change be a problem in H1B stamping or later when in US?

I have a mole on nose which I am planning to get removed through surgery. My H1B petition is approved and I may go for stamping in Dec.

My passport has photograph with mole on nose. Would it cause any issue during stamping or later when I am in US as I won’t be having mole?

Can I upload my pic (with mole) in DS160, then get mole removed before going for stamping? I would like to do this if it does not cause any issue. After stamping, I wont have time to get it removed as my employer would like me to travel asap.

Now uploading of photo in DS 160 is stopped.System does not accept photograph which is NOT to be uploaded now.

Photo will be taken at OFC.

You can easily remove mole by surgery and appear for interview.

Fingerprints and photo taken at OFC will now be yr real identity alongwith passport


Don’t we need to carry two photographs to embassy now?

I wasted some money as I have already got photos printed and also got a softcopy for uploading. Should have checked the new process. :slight_smile:

Yes. No need to carry photos to embassy now