Working with H1B consultancies


Just like H1B aspirants here, I am also going through H1B process and finally, after a long wait, it has been approved. Luckily this consultancy didn’t charge me anything for filing instead they said I have to serve a bond of 2 years or pay the bond amount if I am quitting early. Now that I see a lot of negative reviews/bad practices done by ‘Desi’ H1B consultancies on different forums and hardly I see positive reviews (and that’s how Internet is), so I cannot get the exact picture.

How is it working in these companies? Are there really any companies which do not pay on time or pay less than the said amount and how easy it is to take a transfer to other employers?

What advice would you give to the one who is going to working with this kind of companies?

By the way, has anyone here worked with 3i Infotech? How was your experience?

Your question needs an elaborate answer. In simple words, any desi consulting company is meant to do business, some are greedy, some are not. Regardless, I have seen both bad companies and good companies. But the reality is that H1 is more like your marriage, you have to live with your employer until you get your green card. Bond is not a valid legal document for employment in US, legally your company cannot sue you. Most of the times it is gentlemen’s agreement. Employer must pay for H1 as per law, here your employer is not doing any favor by doing that. I suggest the following for you.

  1. Check how many employees your H1 sponsoring has.

  2. What is their green card process

  3. What are the terms to leave employment if you get a full time employment.

  4. How long they will keep you on bench in case if you don’t get assignment

  5. Do they have marketing team or not

  6. If they have any direct clients