Working/Travelling on H1B with original visa after H1B transfer


I have recently come to USA and have situation. Any advice would be of great help.

I am working with employer X who filed my H1B. Meanwhile I got another opportunity with employer Y who filed for an H1B transfer and got a new approved I797. However, later I decided to stick with employer X and have come to USA for the first time on my original VISA with employer X. I got admitted on PoE and received I94 as well.

  1. Is my current status valid as my most recent petition is with employer Y while I am working for employer X?

  2. Is there any possibility that since I have two petitions I will be issued two I-94, which can cause an issue in my working status?

Thanks in advance!

  1. You can have approval notices from multiple employers, but can choose to work for only one. So from what you say above, your current status is based on employer X petition.

  2. As you were admitted on employer X visa, you will have only one I-94.