Working remotely from different state --Any problem in H1B Extn & GC?

I am on H1B with i-140 approved six years back.
Based on i140 I already had couple of extensions and my company (XYZ) will be filing my another extension in next couple of months.

Currently my office is in LA Suburb, CA and I live in ABCD City, CA which is like 40 miles from house.
Because of COVID as everybody is working from home, my organizantion is also planning to add my current home address (ABCD City) as alternate address in my Visa.

Problem which I want to disuss is:
I am buying a property in Chicago Suburb, IL and we want to move to that location.
My organisation is ready to add my Illinois address also as alternate work location in my Visa.

So below addresses they are planning to add in my visa extension :

Office Address : LA Suburb, CA
Alternate Address 1: ABCD City, CA (40 miles from office) house address
Alternate Address 2: Chicago suburb, IL house address

My company has no problem adding above alternate locations.
But I dont want to take any chances so I want to know, will there be any problem in Visa extension or in my Greencard if my office is in another state and I am working remotely from another state.