working on H4(Amway)

i have few friends here who want me to Join Amway. i am on H4 and have following questions:

1) Is working in Aamway/Quickstar legal on H4? if not, how do people do it without being caught?
I mean, doesn't the income go to bank? or is it possible to ask these companies to wire money directly to India, or send it as cash to US address?
2) Similarly, earning gift cards etc using Swagbucks( online marketing surveys) is legit/legal or not? 

3) Is there a limit to how much one can earn, by any of above methods before it becomes taxable/to be reported to IRS?


Working on an H-4 is prohibited in any form for any remuneration even it is for a dollar. Let us not get into how some people are doing it, it is against the law by any method or mechanism. I personally dislike this policy because the husband or wife of an H-1B engineer is bound to have similar qualifications 60% of the time and to keep the partner unemployed is awful but I guess that is how things are. I urge all H-4 applicants to seek J-1 status with groups authorized to issue a DS-2019. It allows you to work, earn a stipend and even a stamping back home is not a problem.

All the best

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