Working on H1B in November 2013

I am presently on H4 visa and I got my H1B visa approved with COS as of 01-Oct-2013. However I would like to start working on 01-Nov-2013. Is it possible to do so, as there would be no pay-slips generated for Oct-13.

The reason I am asking is because in Jan-14, I am planning to do a H1 transfer and at that time, I do not want any issues (No pay-stubs for Oct-13).


No Pay stubs for Oct then it would be a problem when you go for transfer and also it means that you are out of status for Oct month.

I don’t think you can change the effective date of your H1 now considering that left with only 2 weeks of time until you go out of US and come back on valid old H4 or new H1 stamped VISA.