Working on CPT and i want to apply for OPT

This summer is my last semester at the school and i’m doing my MBA, i’m working on my CPT and when i got my new I-20 at the begining of the semester it’s says june 01 to August 15 but when i applied for the OPT yesterday my I-20 that need to be sent says that my CPT goes from June 01 to July 22. I asked the admission why on the new I-20 says July 22 so they told me because the semester ends on july 22 not August 15. so my question is i’m working on full time CPT program and i need to know if i have to stop working until i get my OPT approved or can i continue until my August 15 as my first I-20 said. also can i continue working or i need to stop until i get the OPT card after that.

Thank you in advance.

The latest i20 is always right. If they updated it to reflect July 22nd. that should be the date inside sevis.

Whether you want to respect this date or not is your decision. I am sure there might be repercussions if you dont, Just dont know what exactly happens

CPT is part of your degree program and curriculum, you should not work on CPT after your semester is complete or your degree is awarded. You need to get valid OPT and work on it.
Talk to the international student advisor or DSO and act accordingly.