Working Full time on OPT which expires before next H1B Filing

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question regarding OPT. I graduated from a 2-year full time Masters degree in December, and my Non-STEM OPT began in February this year (expires January 2017), I just began a full time job in the middle of May, and they have agreed to file for H1B for me in April next year. However, i need opinion on how to stay in status between the time when my OPT expires (January 21 2017) and the time my firm wants to file H1B (April 2017), and the official start date (October) if successful.

Since I am not eligible for the STEM OPT extension, the option that comes to mind right now is to enroll for an accredited online Masters that offers CPT from Day 1 (say Harrisburg University) beginning in the Spring of 2017, that way I can remain in status till October.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, enrolling in another school is an option. However, do your due diligence when going for a school offering CPT from day 1. The onus is on you to make sure CPT is authorized. Just b/c the school is offering it doesn’t make it ok.

If you have options to move to another visa status, then that can be done as well. For example, if spouse is present in US or you are eligible for O1 etc.

Thank you very much Saurabh. I know of someone who just followed this route with the same university, but I will make sure I keep an eye on if the CPT is authorized. Thanks once again!