Working for USA company from India

Hi Guys,Unfortuantly I go an email from my attorny saying that my H1B application is denied as it is still in LCA process.My company is finding every possible solution to contimue my work for them.What should be my next step to still continue my work here.Also if going to india is only my solution.What is the procedure to work from there.Here are my questions.They are willing to apply for the next year.If the do when can I come to US

1. Company is very small and they dont want to open an office here or collaberate with a consultancy here.
2. Can they wire transfer my salary to India ? Is it legal ?
3. Do i need to register myself with some govt department ? Do i need to register myself as a company ?
4. Will i be end up paying tax in both the countries ?
5. Do i need to register myself for service tax ?

May not work as L-1 rules are very stringent about the kind of work one can do. Beside, the person need to work for at least 1 year outside US for that company in the previous 3 years.

  1. This is something your company needs to figure out. You can work for them remotely and then can manage the payroll from US. I don’t know how taxes will work out for them and you.

  2. Yes, they can do it legally but I don’t know the tax implications

  3. I don’t think so

  4. You will have to pay taxes in India but not in US as you are not a US resident or citizen.

  5. Don’t know

I will recommend contacting an attorney and CPA to know the rules.