Working away from India,Which Embassy should i opt for??

I am an Indian working in Malaysia since last 3 Years,I am planning to apply for H1B2015. Which county’s US Embassy should i choose,Malaysian or Indian??? and what can be the possible issues while doing this??Is it better for me to apply from Malaysia or India(Because i will still work in Malaysia fr a year)

Anything is Ok, until and unless you have proper documentation and a good employer…

process is same all over…


One of the FAQ answered in the US Consulate Website

I’m on vacation in Dubai. Can I make a visa appointment in Dubai if I am only visiting as a tourist?



There is no official policy banning non-residents from applying for US visas. However, we strongly encourage you to apply where you keep your permanent residence. The visa officer must assess your family, social and economic ties to your place of residence, and this is very difficult to do from outside your own consular district. The likelihood of visa issuance is generally higher when applicants apply in their own consular district.