Work in Finance with Law Degree (J.D.) under OPT

Hey Guys,

Basically that’s my question. The law degree in the US is really attractive to finance people and while I was in the US studying law I got really disappointed with the profession of the lawyer and decided to look for something else like being a broker or an investment banker.

I studied the Spanish law degree which is my country’s degree and now I am about to finish the Juris Doctor.

The OPT requires to work in something directly related to your degree but the JD is not an undergrad major and if I find a job in Finance will only be because of what the JD demonstrates… that I have analytical skills etc and it is not like I am looking to be a waitress.

Again, I want to make sure that I let clear that I do not want to work as a lawyer or an intern in the legal department, the job I want when my OPT comes is being a broker or investment banker.

Thanks in advance.