Withdraw COS application (L1B to H1B conversion)


I am on a L1B visa currently (comp A) and have got my H1B application (comp B) filed recently with COS. The H1B application was received on June 6 (regular processing) and has not been approved it. I’ve changed my mind and want to retain my L1B for a few months more instead of having to work on H1B from 1st Oct onwards (if approved).

Further my L1B has already expired on Feb 2012, while my I-94 is valid till 2014. This means I cannot travel out of US and enter on L1B (after H1B is approved) to ensure L1B is the last visa status.

How can I ensure I maintain the L1B status instead of the H1B without leaving the border and without asking for the H1B to be cancelled?

I am not sure about this, but check with your employer/attorney whether there is a way to cancel/withdraw the COS application alone.