With Current employers sponsored h1b want to search for client projects from india

Hi ,

My h1b is approved on July 13,2016.Due to project allocation issues my employer is not sending me now.

But employer is allowing to search for client projects and work on that .

I dont want to change employer.But just want to get other client project

Can I attend interview from India for client projects and then do stamping for travel…

Yes, you can give interview to the clients over goto or skype; while being physically present in India. Some clients may prefer in-person interview before extending the offer. These logistics you will have to chalk out w/ your employer.

Thank you Saurabh for your reply

I heard from my friends that by seeing India mobile number and if the person is not in USA Currently …they may not willing to conduct interview also…through remote

How to increase that chance for my resume to get shortlisted in job portals among others in USA…

You would have a better shot at a company where someone can refer you. If the person is ready to vouch for you and give good feedback, client may be ready for long distance interview as well.

Also, there are VOIP options available where incoming number is shown as a local US number. You should still respond truthfully if asked about your current location, but at least it will mask your number.