Will wrong expiration date on i94 cause problem for h4 ead application

I am planning to apply the h4 EAD for my wife since i got my i140 approved.
The approval notice has the expiry date as Sept 2019, while my i94 has its expiry as Oct 2018 - The reason this happened was because, when me and wife came back to the states a few months back, our i94 got updated with the wrong expiration date. Hence the expiration on the i797 and i94 are not matching.

I am aware that that the i94 date will not be an issue as long as i travel abroad and come back before Oct 2018 - i just need to make sure CBP puts the correct date in this time and hence my i94 gets updated with the correct expiration.

My concern is with my application for my wife’s EAD for which i94 is also required. Since currently, the expiration of the i94 is wrong and is not in sync with the date on i140 approval.

Would this be a problem?

I-94 evidence request here is to verify lawful admittance only. The EAD dates will not be governed by what it says on the I-94.