Will the h1b sponsor ask you for a fine if you back out prior to deployment?

2 of my petitions got approved.
I’m planning to choose employerA but employerB might ask me to pay a fine for breach of contract. I don’t have my visa stamped yet.

Can ask me for a $ 5k fine? employer B also asked me for a notorarized co-signer agreement before.

Will this fine be paid in one go or by installment?

Thank you!

Employers do spend money to get petitions sponsored, hence the breach of contract clause. It is a good practice for expert consultants not to jump ship as it inconveniences everyone. However, it is illegal for any US based company to demand payment for breach of contract. Please remember that if you pay even $1 of the fine, you are liable for the rest of the fine because you are agreeing that the levy is justified.

what if i already signed the contract and the fine is indicated there?