Will premium processing be carried on to the new receipt number generated after appliyng for Motion Re open


USCIS has declined my H1B case on Sep 30 due to E-E verification failed after submitting the documents for the RFE on H1B . We have applied for motion and sent the documents to USCIS on Oct 29th. But my employer has not yet recieved the new receipt number till date. I have applied for Premium processing when I was submitting documnets for the RFE on H1B.
Will the same above Premium Processing be carried on to the motion which I applied after my decline result while submitting my RFE documents.
What is the most probable time of recieving the new receipt number.

Please can youll let me know what would be the wait time.

Not a first hand experience but the Premium process fee is to make a decision on a petition(H1, i140 etc). In your case, the decision was already made(denied). So, the purpose of premium processing request is achieved (from the books of USCIS) thus, a MTR may not fall under Premium Process radar as per my understanding. But like I said, I may be totally wrong. This is just my understanding.