will my Visa Approved or not after issuing 221G white form at Hyderabad consulate

Hi, my name is Raj,

Can anyone let me know what will be my case and will my visa be approved or not based on below conversation with Visa Officer ?

I appeared for my H1B Visa Interview on 7th Dec, 2016 at Hyderabad Consulate.

the VO is a Lady and asked me below questions. after I answered all the questions she said she don’t see my I797 approval copy in her system and asked me if i have an extra copy of the same, i have handed over the extra copy i had.

she finally said, i am keeping your Passport and with out a digital copy in her system she cannot issue the visa and gave me a 221G white form, she did not checked any boxes except the following statement, (no documents asked ).

“Your Application requires additional Administrative Processing Before a Final Decision can be made”.

she said in 2 business days I will get an update and if i don’t hear in a week time i can contact the consulate.

she also asked me if I have received the “Know your rights” pamphlet, I said Yes.

Question and Answers.

  1. who is your petitioner?

Ans: I said XXX

  1. How long you have been working with this company?

Ans: I said, it is a new opportunity

  1. How did you find this opportunity?

And: When i was looking for job change, I saw a matching position on XXX company website and i applied for.

  1. can u please explain me the application process?

Ans: They scheduled my interview. I had gone through 2 technical and 1 HR round. Then they offered me this position.

  1. where do you work?

Ans: Dallas, TX

  1. are you going to work for any client?

No Mam. I am going to work for XXX company in-house product

what is you position.?

Ans: I said Systems Analyst

  1. what is highest degree?

Ans: MCA

  1. what is your salary?

Ans: XXK

  1. did you receive “Know your rights” Pamphlet?

Ans: Yes Mam.

  1. do you have a copy of your I797?

Ans: Yes I do. I have given the same

Thank youRaj

Dont worry you will get it real soon. There must be missing passport copy in the digital form in their files. Good luck

Dont bother about it you will get approval and also let me know your total experiance and the document checklist they may ask some documents.

Hi, thanks for your reply, she said that she doesn’t find my I797 digital copy in her system and took the copy of the same from me.

I have around 5 years 6 months experience, she did not ask any document and in the white form she did not check any boxes that ask for my documents. please help me when will i get my visa approved ?

did you get any update…
if your employer is not a big company then they will take some days for verification
if you don’t mind who is your petitioner. i will check in some websites about your company.