Will my spouse's F-2 visa application get rejected if I am on OPT extension?

I am on an F-1 visa, and have recently applied for my 24 month OPT extension. I do not know if my H-1B application was selected/rejected yet. My wife is with me on a B-2 visa since mid Jan, and is going back to India next week. Should we apply for her F-2 visa so that she can return end of June? Or should she again travel on her B-2 visa and go back in December? She plans to start school in Fall 2018 on an F-1 visa, so I am concerned that if her F-2 is rejected for some reason it can affect her future F-1 visa application. Can we apply for her F-2 visa without my latest work authorization card that I will receive for OPT extension and just use the EAD card I have for my first OPT period which expires in first week of July?