Will my h1b visa be stamped ? Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worried

Hi all!

I have a BS electrical engineeing degree with three years of experience in IT. My h1b is approved for a position as a software engineer and will soon go for stamping.

  1. So will it be a problem, since i have a degree in electrical engineering? Chances of approval?

  2. How to satisfy Visa Officer if he says that your degree is different?

You have 3 years of experience in IT, so that should be enough to convince VO that you have required expertise to fulfill job requirements. If the 2nd questions comes up, you can say that you’ve had interest in IT even though your branch was electrical. you took some elective courses in IT and also took IT training outside to land an IT job.

You already have 3 yrs of IT experience and Stamping Should not be a problem , Be confident and Asnwer confidently to VO… when is u r Stamping