Will my H1b Stamping be affected after i140 approval if spouse is on F1 Visa?

I am currently on H1b and my company is planning to start PERM process and my H1B will expire ( 6 years complete) in next year 2020 August. My wife is planning to attend college in Spring 2020 and will try to get F1 stamping in December 2019. She is currently in US on H4 visa.

We have couple of questions in our case?.

  1. Will there be problem for my spouse F1 stamping since my visa is getting expired shortly?.
  2. If I get I140 approved and H1b extended, I am planning to visit India sometime either in 2020 or 2021?, will there be issue for my stamping in India and also my spouse F1 visa.

Please let us know how we can proceed in this case. Has anyone faced similar situations.

Hi being on H1b and then having I-140 has not issue, but being on F1 then I-140 there might be issue while traveling abroad the reason is F1 to GC is single intent whereas H1b to GC is duel intent in your case things looks good.
Where are you from ?
Did you try transfer from H4 to F1?