will my future renewals or extensions get affected?

Hi All,

I Have got my H1b Visa in January 2014 for one year and got expired in Feb 2015, I got selected to a client and My company filed a Premium H1B Visa in march 2015 and got an RFE requesting additional documents, after the RFE the client says that the Project is expected to get delayed … now if i don’t reply the RFE with in the given time does it affect my future renewals/extensions… please respond.

Not responding to RFE is not good. Even in your case, you should nicely respond to the RFE with whatever documents you have along with a cover letter(also with a proof of client’s communication of the fact that project is getting delayed from the client’s end), would put you in no-fault situation. But not responding to RFE is a red-flag from the officer point of view.