Will my F1 visa be valid If i leave MS now and get back here with new university.

Hi All,

I have a valid visa till Jan 2020. I’m currently in US completed first Semester. Now I’m having some financial issues and it takes some time to get the funds back (Due to some personal reasons). My questions is can I stop my what ever I am doing right now and come back again may be by next year end or starting 2017. The thing is that I have to go India to get the financial issue resolved. Need your suggestions on this ASAP please.

Also University fee is also a bit high for me, so when I reapply will be searching for a new university with lower fee.


Well, it depends on the University’s policies. Typically, you can take a semester break and come back with the same visa. If it is beyond a semester, I am not sure how it would work. You typically would apply for an extended Leave of Absense using a certain form the school has, they will terminate your SEVIS record and ask you to pay for the I-20 fee again and issue a new I-20. Depending on the school, some of these can vary. I suggest you check with your School’s DSO and get it clarified.