Will my current H1B gets cancelled if I travel on B1/B2 to US ?


I currently hold a H1B which was approved in 2013 from an employer A. I was working with a Client A in my OPT for about 1 and a half year and then got my H1 approved in May 2013. Then came back to India in August 2013 and got my H1 stamped with an intension to go back in October when my H1 actually starts, but due to some reasons I had to stay back and found a job here.

Now I want to go to US on Tourist visa to visit my cousin for a short trip. In this situation What is the possibilty of me getting a Tourist Visa and If I get, Will my H1 be cancelled forever ?



If U have already B1 stanp in ur passport, U can travel…

There might be a chance of cancelling H1 stamp, if U go for B1 stamping


Did you apply B2 visa? what happened to your H1B?