Will Multiple B1 visits impact H1b Stamping

My husband is presently authoring a book on process reengineering for a company in India with headquarters in the US.

He travelled on his B1 to USA in July 2013 to research this book. My husband returned to India in January 2014 and continued to work on his book in India until March 2014. He visited the US again on his B1 to meet an expert in the field he was writing on. While doing so, this company (US based MNC) wanted him to come on board, to develop some coursework and sponsored his H1B for the 2015 quota.

My husband’s book was successfully published last month and he is returning to India in a few days to get his H1B stamped to start work with US-branch of the company.

Will his stay of 10 months on the b1 visa (across 2 seperate visits) between July’13 to July '14 be a cause for concern during H1B stamping?

Thanks for your help

If your previous visits are legal , I suppose there wont be any issue due to them. I know people who had sucessfully H1B stamping with earlier B1 visas.