Will it be a problem to get H1 if I changed the job after applying for H1?

I am in India and have applied for my H1 through a consultancy few days back .Presently I am working in X Comapny .But next month I will be joining Y Company.My resume which is given to the consultancy is having details till X company only.So will it be a problem at the time of H1 interview since at that time there will be a mismatch between the company in resume and the company i will be working at that time?Also will this be having any negative impression on the VO that I have changed the company after applying for H1?

Your submitted resume is still valid on the date it was submitted to the employer. When you go for the interview, you can carry the updated resume and the difference should not matter.

Thanks a lot

I am in the similar situation now, but the employers are across the countries. I am Indian, in ABC country while applying for H1, planning to move to XYZ country as I got an offer. Also, my H1 petition is selected in lottery and now thinking that moving to XYZ country could be an issue.

Please post what happened to your case