Will I get H1 visa if i apply based on my qualification as below?

I have completed my masters degree in Computers in India and have a total work experience of about 2.5 years as of now.Also if H1 is rejected ,when can i apply again?Is there some mandatory time gap.Can I apply now for H1 and If I apply for H1 in April 2013 form when will i be eligible to work in US?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you are eligible for H1B jobs based on your educational qualification.

There is no stipulated time gap for reapply. The only thing is that the H1B quota should be available.

You cannot apply for H1B now as the FY2013 quota got over on 11th June. However, you may identify employers who are eligible to file cap-exempt petitions (like NFP organizations) and petitions can be filed anytime.

If you apply for FY2014 quota which starts in April 2013 and your petition got approved, you can start working in the US from 1st October 2013 or later.