Will I get Admission in MS/MBA if I am 29 years old

Hi ,

I am Amit. I have done my BCA and MCA from IGNOU (Its Distance Learning)

And after completing my MCA, I got Job in a MNC and working as Sr. QA Engineer

I have now 6.4 years of total work experience in software Testing / QA.

My Question is Can I do MBA / MS from USA?

Or should I do Full time degree (3 years) again in Computer science then I should Apply for MBA/ MS.

I am totally confused what should I do , Will my age( I am currently 29 years old) matter to take admission ?

Please suggest what will be the best path for me?

I will be great full to you , thanking you in Advance .



is your degree recognized by UGC? If yes then you are eligible.

There is no age restriction

Most important thing is to validate if your education degree presented by IGNOU is recognized by the Foreign institution. You can check with some of the schools or get education evaluation done by third party agency, if you are not sure.


IGNOU degrees are accepted at our Insititution, it shows as a fully accredited university offering higher education degrees that meet international standards criteria. Age is not a concern in the United States.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Academic Advisor (India and Middle East), Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

Also at your age with responsibilities, you should be very careful which colleges you choose. What is ROI? It is very easy to get admitted to US for MS/MBA but is it worth it? this is the question you should answer!

Much like in India there are good and bad universities. Basically private universities like to give admits just to earn money!

I would say if your university is not amongst top 50 there is no use investing your hard earned money and time in your degree.

before you make a decision talk to seniors of the college, are there placements? How much is the reputation of the university…remember it is going to stick to you for life, see online reviews! Easy admits are big RED flag

Thank you very Much for your Answer , I am so much happy and going to join GRE Preparation Institute :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Dr. Sandeep for your Answer . Can you please suggest me list of colleges where I should apply and how much GRE Score I need to score so that I can get scholarship.

Amit, did you move further on your plans? Why don’t you send scanned copies of your degrees etc to my email? Let us take a look.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; Email: international@chu.edu