Will final destination other than work location cause issue at Port of Entry?

I will be coming to US on H1B visa. I have to work in San Fransisco. However, I wish to stay with my brother in St. Louis for a week and then leave for San Fransisco. At the port of entry, will I be questioned as to why am I not traveling to San Fransisco? Do they check the connecting flights and take objections if the final destination is other than the work location? Any inputs will be very much helpful.

It is strongly recommended that your first entry to US is at your place of work. Although it may be little expensive, why don’t you enter through SFO and then travel to St. Louis for a week.

In addition, remember your visa objective is to work in US. If you enter US and not work for a week, your employer should agree to that. After all they are legally required to pay you on H-1B and not bench you.

That makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot !! Really appreciate it.