Will Executive MBA help to upgrade GC process from EB2 to EB1 category?

Hello Kumar and team,

I have 22 years in IT industry with multi-national experience working in 7 countries across the world. I am working here in US for the last 10 years and having I-140 approved (EB2) with current employer. Unfortunately my previous employer didn’t apply on EB1 category though I was eligible considering multi-national managerial experience. Now I am thinking of pursuing Executive MBA for personal achievement and advanced leadership role. Will Executive MBA from good university help me qualify to apply in EB1 category?

Please let me know.
Thanks & Regards,
Girish Aradhya

@girish, I don’t think having MBA will help you with that. If you look at USCIS EB1 requirements, there is no indication of the same. In general most of the managers or executives in leadership positions would have done MBA…You can double check with an attorney.