Will EVC model H1 affect my future .


I got an employer who is also employer of my friend in US . They said that they would apply my H1B in EVC model and they said they would get me a client letter for which i had to pay money ( may b that he paid for H1 indirectly ) . My friend validated both Primary vendor letter and Client letter , and said both seems to be legit . I have around 3 yrs of IT exprience for now . I am confident i can get a job there coz i am i very hot cake technology .

My question is , i have been going thru many forums and found that getting approval thru EVC model is not an easy one . If my visa gets denied by RFE later ,will it affect my future . If my company sends me onsite next yr or couple of yrs later will i have any problem .

  1. Can i do MS next yr if my H1 gets denied



For H1B jobs, you need to have strong evidence for employee-employer relationship. In EVC models, its little bit hard to prove that you will be managed by the employer (petitioner) and not the client. You may try your luck in this case. If you have enough documents, then you should be fine.

If you are unlucky and got your petition/VISA rejected, that doesn't mean that your future VISA petitions/applications will be affected, unless the reason for rejection is misrepresentation of facts from your side.

Yes, you may go for MS next year even if H1B is denied.

Sujith thanks for your response … is this EVC model applications common or rare cases

EVC is a common model, I believe. Most of the desi consultancies do EVC model.

Did you got your visa stamped as even mine is EVC model applied this year. My petition got approved need to go for Visa Interview.

Your experience, advice and guidance is highly appreciated