Will 90 min be enough for passing through customs and immigration at port of entry to catch another connecting flight?

Hello guys, I am new to this forum, so please help me by redirecting this thread into a better category if needed.

Either way here is my question. I have booked my itinerary from studentuniverse.com and this is how it is. My final destination is St.louis and I am starting from Hyderabad.

Qatar Airways: Departs from Hyderabad - Arrives at Doha

                       (Jan 10,2016: 3:45 am )                (Jan 10,2016: 5:55 am)

---------------------------Connection in Doha for 2hours 5 minutes--------------------------

Qatar Airways: Departs from Doha - Arrives at Dallas/Fort Worth

                      (Jan 10,2016: 8 am )                      (Jan 10,2016: 3:15 pm)

---------------------------Connection in Dallas for 1hour 30 minutes--------------------------(here is my problem???)

American Airlines:Departs from Dalls/Fort Worth - Arrives at St.Louis

                      (Jan 10,2016: 4:45 pm )                  (Jan 10,2016: 6:23 pm)

So my problem is whether I can catch American Airlines after getting down at Dallas or not because it is the first port of entry in USA, so I will have customs procedures etc. If I cannot get through in 90 min, is there a way that American Airlines can compensate me?

Note: I have booked all of this in one ticket from studentuniverse.com and all the times mentioned are local times at that particular place.


I’d think not. Dallas is a huge-huge airport.

So should I request for an alternative? Isn’t there even a single chance for me squeeze some time to get through customs in order to make that connecting flight?

Thanks. :smiley:

It will be difficult (based on my experiance at Chicago, Frankfurt and Newark). Better to reschedule now.

(Forget about immigration, baggage claim and customs for a minute and think what if your flight is delayed by 1 hour)