Will 2014 Lottery system will include Premium Processing?

I can see many questions on H1B visa cap limit and the lottery system, my question is will this lottery system will include the Premium processing petition cases as well or its only with the normal processing cases?

if and when a lottery occurs, both premium and regular cases would be added to the lottery , doesnt make a difference…

Thanks for your response, is it confirmed? that premium processing as well goes under the lottery system?

Regarding lottery, I found this in the official webside of USCIS:

"If necessary, USCIS will apply a random selection process to all petitions received [b]on the date[/b] when a sufficient number of petitions have been received to reach the applicable numerical limit (“final receipt date”) for cap-subject H-1B, H-2B and H-3 petitions regardless of whether Premium Processing Service is requested. "

To my understanding that say until the cap is not reached, the petitions filed will not be considered for lottery. If the cap is reached e.g. on day#4, only the petitions filed on that day will be considered for lottery to fill up the cap. Those filed on day#1/2/3 will not.

Can anybody confirm that?

Yes , Yes …thats how it has always been , you do not gain any advantage through premium except for faster processing …

thanks for the information, really helpful. I am wondering how can i keep track on each days count and news. Anything specific i can get about the status?