Wife is on F2. But My F1 passport stamp expired. 17month stem holding now

Hello, Currently I am on OPT stem extension F1 visa ( Validity Dec,2014). My wife is on F2 ( Currently in USA). She is going back to india (This month). But My visa stamp in passport (F1-visa) already expired. (July,2013). She is going back to Inda. but she wants to join me in January-2014, again.
Is it possible for her to get F-2 renewal again ?
Please advice.
Note: She got stamp exactly same as per my F1 visa in passport. (same july,2013) i.e her stamp is already expired.

Please provide solutions or valuable suggetions.

Please advice.
Thank you.

If she visits India, she would need F2 visa stamping done to re-enter US. The visa stamp expiry does not really matter as long as you are maintaing your student status in US.

Yes, she would need to apply for F2 visa to renter US, if she visits India. You will need to send her all the documents like your current F1 Status like copies of I-94, I-20, Pay Stubs, OPT card, Job offer letter, etc.