Wife H4 fresh, Husband H1B extn. case, attend intrvw together?

Hi Saurabh,

My husband’s last H1B visa was expired and he could not travel on that. His company filed extension under premium processing, before his visa expired & soon he will be attending H1B extension interview. My H4 was not initiated last time. This time however, we want to attend the Visa interview together. Can we do that? Keeping in mind that his is an H1B extension case and mine will be a fresh application for H4. Can we both fill in DS-160 and go for interview together?

Many Thanks Saurabh for such a great help you have been. Looking forward for your reply.

Yes, you can do that. You should complete DS-160 form for yourself and when he schedules the interview, he can add you as a dependent family member. You can then attend the interview together. Note that you will have to pay for separate visa fees (not sure if his employer takes care of it or it’s a personal expense).