why you have choosen Chennai instead of hyderbad for visa interview?

[b]why you have choosen Chennai instead of hyderbad for visa interview? bcz my case here i am from hyderabad.[/b]


I am basically from Hyderabad, working as IT Engineer.[b] I have chosen Chennai Consulate for visa interview instead of Hyderabad, where I falls into that jurisdiction, as per my Employer (who is H1B Petitioner) suggestion[/b]. Becoz, in Hyderabad Consulate Visa Officers are raizing may queries, with suspecion on each and every detail. Employer told me If we chose Hyderabad, Case will become critical and asked me to chose chennai. Even as per the experiences being posted by the H1B visa attendees, Chennia would be the better.

[b]When I try to scheduling interview dates for visa interview & OFC, Hyderabad is showing all most all dates, infact Chennai is showing only some dates available. As per the advise of my employer, I have choosen Chennai.[/b]

What to answer to VO, if he asks why you have choosen Chennai instead of Hyderabad, where you are coming from?

If I tell I didn't get the appointment as earliest and planned to go to USA in the 3rd week of February, is VO will dig further in details like on ur chosen date, slots also available in Hyderabad, then why U came here?

Please help me in this regard,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




i do not think that it will be a major issue,

But if at all you are asked that question , answer truthfully that my employer asked me to take appointment at Chennai. I do not know the reasons for that

This of course is my personal opinion