Why I've got I 797 B instead of I 797A for extension of stay? USCIS error?

background to my questions:

  1. I’m on my 7th year of h1b, with approved i-140

  2. My visa & I 94 expired 6/15/13 ; filed extension of stay for my H1b & H4 (daughter) 4/15/13

3 )maintain h1b status & out of country for 1 month last year.

  1. received notice of approval 6/26/13 but I 797 B without I-94. No letter stated petition has been approved but nothing about extension of stay.

  2. My daughter (H4) got I 797 A with I-94.

  3. Is there a possible of error from USCIS issuance? If not, what should i do? exit and apply for visa? Thank you!

If it was filed properly then they should have issued 797A. Your attorney should file a request w/ USCIS to get it corrected ASAP.


I am same situation. Could you please let me know what was outcome of your case?