White slip on dec 13th-2012 from chennai consulate


i attented the interview on dec-13th 2012.

Interviwer asked me some questions and told me that "do not submit the documents including my passport(she has not taken my passport) " what does it mean and gave me the white slip.

what is the processing time of white slip and when can i attented the interview again.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Processing time can vary from few weeks to several months. You don’t need to attend another interview unless consulate asks you.

As they process your application, they will ask for additional documents (if required) and eventually either approve the visa stamp or reject it.

Thank you Saurabh for your answer.But for either stamping or rejecting they have not taken my passport and what are the chances of getting stamped.

As they proceed w/ it, they will ask for the passport when they are ready to issue the visa. If they decide not to issue the visa, then they will not ask for the passport and instead send the case back to USCIS.

Thanks again Saurabh for your answer.But my attorney is saying me that i need to attend the interview again once the documents are ready.is this true?if not can you please tell me that what would be the next step.

No, you don’t. They do not call for another interview and will ask for the document submission (they have a dropbox and you need to put the documents there).

Hi, I am kind of in similar boat… Any update on your case? Thanks…

Hi Saurabh,

If they decide not to issue the visa - will they inform us about the denial reason before or after forwarding the case to USCIS.


They will let you know that they are sending the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration. They don’t give out explicit reasons in the denial letter to you, but just mention that they are unable to issue visa to you.

Hi Saurabh,

I got my visa issued last week - please see the details below.

My Interview Date: 13 DEC 2012 - Chennai

Passport not retained

Submitted Documents with PP on 21 DEC 2012

Received just the passport w/o visa stamp: 07 Jan 2013

Client received contract verification mail by first week of Jan 2013

Received all documents including all original I797A on 26 Feb 2013
with a blue slip saying ‘Submit your PPT so we can issue your visa’

Submitted passport on 27 Feb 2013

CEAC website displayed ‘ISSUED’ on 01 Mar 2013

Received passport with visa on 05 Mar 2013

They have taken more than 60 days after documents submission to process my case but I have seen cases in online forums where cases have been closed before 60 days.

Thanks for all your suggestions and replies.

Congrats anadmin! Have a safe flight to US.