Which subject to choose in ms?

hello sir,

i am currently in 3rd yr of engg (ECE), and would like to go to usa to pursue my masters

I am not interested in taking my subject electronics in ms coz lost my interest in studying circuits and all.

so i would like to shift either to computers or managment ( i know i still have time,but still its better to be sure of what i am going to do)

Before joining engg i just selected ECE coz people said its has lot of scope and good jobs etc

but i am not able to find that interest to study it. I get bored off it easily.

so i want to make sure i do something in which i have passion. so that i can enjoy stuff i am doing and make a lot of money in it.

i took that jung personality test and it says i am suited to computer science & accounting.

i personally would like to be a financial expert like suze orman or work at any IT company

so plz help me choose a sub in ms and the schools (mostly state) in which i can study it.

Well, you seem to have did some homework. Glad to know you took Jung Personality test. Keeping the results of Jung personality test aside, you should puruse your passion…

If you want to be a financial expert like Suze Orman, you should definitely pursue it…In reality, when things do not work out easily, it is the passion that pushes you to pursue your dream…without passion, just taking up something will not help…

Did you mean to say, you want to work in IT company as a financial expert ?

Lets say your interest is finance, you have couple of options

  1. MS in Finance

  2. MBA with emphasis in Finance.

Coming to schools, I do not advise on schools as I am not up to date on the current data. You can do some research and pick up schools.

Thank u sir for taking time out to answer my query.
no sir i meant taking computers as a subject and then working in an IT company as a software engg or stuff like that.

sir since i belong to elecronics and communication engg background do i hav to take some classes to pursue ms in finance??

and could u also plz tell me about the jobs opportunities and avg salaries for ms in finance VS ms in computer science.

i am asking coz here in india or especially in my state AP people believe ur successful only if your doing a job in an IT company.

Well, if you get admission into MS Finance program, school would give you pre-requisite courses that you need to take in the school.

Job opportunities depend on how you search and where you search. You have better chances as an international to seek opportunities in Computer Science area.

Well, you can look it up on glassdoor.com to get an idea of the salary.

I am so confused sir.

i dunno wat to choose now

since u mentioned the no.of jobs available for a graduate in ms computer science is more then that off a ms in finance guy

it looks like i hav to pick btw passion/interest (i.e finance) and jobsecurity/higher avg salary (i.e computers)

i know u would like me to follow my passion…but in reality if i end up doing finance and dont get a job

then it would be really difficult for me coz i am from a middle class family.
i want to recover the money spent by my father on my studues as soon as possible.